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Have you ever thought to yourself? Why are these kids (or this kid) so CRAZY!!!!!? LOL jk! But seriously, ever wonder if you could challenge yourself to do the MOST challenging tasks as a mom? I’m talking about the ones we normally over-see, don’t think of til later or don’t think of at all! This would look different for every mom, of course.

For some reason, I had the urge to challenge myself. More than the daily life of having four kids, a teenager, an only daughter and TWO toddlers???? LOL YES! For some odd reason, I’m also asking you folks to follow along with me. Over the next week, I will be giving myself ONE daily task to do. I will give little updates via my IG handle and sneak peeks BTS on that day of but won’t give it completely away if I accomplished each daily task or not until my blog post about it next week.


So here are my tasks that I’ve come up with that I’ll be starting first thing come none other than my son’s birthday, Thursday, July 11, 2019!

The purpose of this challenge?? Well, I just wanted to simply challenge myself as a mom to do MORE! More than I am already doing and with more intent I guess. I wanted to pin-point my struggles and break them up to see if I can hold myself accountable for that designated day and make it happen for myself, my kids, as a mom and maybe show other moms that they can do it too. I thought it would be both fun and challenging. So here are the tasks I’ve come up with….

  • Don’t complain for the day!

YES! Hard! This one is hard! I know! But it is specifically why I chose it. It is most definitely a challenge for me as I KNOW is also for other mommies too. Wanted to see if I make myself accountable by starting off my day with this in my mind and as the goal, if it can be accomplished! Put your mind to it, put your mind to it!!!!! We shall see!

  • Don’t raise my voice for the day!

Another hard one! But I am determined to give this a try as well and see how this goes! We shall see, we shall see, we shall see with this one LOL!!!!

  • Spend 15 minutes of complete alone time!

I didn’t always see the benefit and value in having time for JUST ME! It took me a while, a pretty long while to realize my sanity and the clarity of my mind is important for my kids. But first and foremost important for myself. I always pushed that aside for “another time” or “who really needs that anyway” and the answer is WE ALL DO. All us mommies need the alone time. Even if it’s just a completely alone and unbothered pee or poop! LOL!

  • Wake up BEFORE the kids!

This one is DEFINITELY a challenge for me. During this pregnancy, I have random tired spells when I feel I could sleep forever or like “I need a nap now” randomly! It hasn’t been helping, either, that my two boys have been sleeping horribly lately. We are slowly on the mend with that one though, thankfully and prayerfully! But, regardless, if I have a well rested night’s rest, sometimes, getting up before the kids is STILL hard for me. So I wanted and NEEDED to challenge myself with this one!

  • Spend time doing something Mason loves WITH HIM!

I find myself not getting involved as much as I would like to with the things my kids are interested in doing. Even if it’s an app, a game, an activity. I want to partake in something he loves today and do it WITH him!

  • Spend time doing something Meyah loves WITH HER!

As you can see, these are challenges for me. This is something that I hope one day is the norm and isn’t a “challenge” anymore where I always find myself doing the things they love. I want to support them and encourage them! I don’t want to push them away or make their interests feel like they’re not cool or fun enough for me to give a try!

  • Spend at LEAST 5-10 minutes on self-care!

Another example of me tending to put myself on the back burner. I am getting used to and “practicing” if you will, putting myself back up there on that “take care of” list too! This is a struggle for me so including this one was a no brainer!


After making this list, I thought to myself how to keep myself accountable and how I could assure you all I’m being honest. Well, for the most part, you’d just have to trust my verdicts lol but I could also have my kids and husband vouch for me.

Also, I wanted to think of a way I could celebrate or reward myself if each daily task was met. And to me, the first thing that popped into my head was a pedi LOL! I could treat myself to a pedi as a reward for completing all the tasks in my mommying challenge.

So here we go, starting tomorrow, I will be taking you guys along with me via IG on the BTS. Be sure to check back next week for my blog post on the results and maybe you could join the challenge too 😉

Til next time 😉

Monica <3

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