My Birth Story

It was time! For the fifth time! Yet this time felt the most foreign. This time, I had a scheduled induction. Driving over to the hospital for the first time out of my five pregnancies with no pains at all? So weird for me! I couldn’t really explain into words how weird it felt for me on our way down.

At my last prenatal appointment, I scheduled my appointment to get induced thinking there’s NO way I’d make it to that. With my first baby, my oldest son, I was 3 days overdue. Then with my next 3, all of them, I gave birth just 1 day before my due date. I was sure it’d be that way this time and baby’s birth date would be August 14 because my due date was the 15th. Boy was I wrong! LOL!

On the ride down to the hospital, I felt…what I would describe as awkward? Super out of my normal. All of my labors started with me being in pain and heading down to the hospital in between contractions! So I felt emotionally out of place. I cried wondering if this was even the right thing for me to be doing. “I’m in, like, NO pain, maybe baby is just simply not ready to come out” is the thoughts I kept fighting. What led me to proceed was the fear of him being in for too long. We’d rather have him out than in, but I was still going between those thoughts, too.

When we got to the hospital at 900p Friday, August 16, I was getting excited. I was super calm and relaxed. Like I said, no pain. So absolutely no idea what to expect, so also very overwhelmed with the unknown. Lots of mixed emotions. When I got to the labor and delivery door, I burst into tears of fear and overwhelm. It just overcame me all at once. I had to say a prayer, give all my fears to the Lord and ask Him for reassurance, guidance and protection. It was nice to have the comfort of my husband, too.

I was dilated at about 3 almost 4 cm, so they said, when I got checked. Then they explained to me how the process of being induced works. They asked me “you want to be here right?” making sure a “forceful” labor is what I wanted. Then I started doubting and second guessing again. I thought, “maybe I SHOULD wait til baby is ready to come out on his own?” I knew, though it felt so weird, that I was already there for a reason. I went through with it.

I got induced at 1030p. They asked me if I wanted to break my water bag to move things further along. My pain and contractions were coming but slow coming. With lots of thoughts of fear, I said no. I told them I was afraid that if they broke it too soon, baby could be without fluids, if I don’t dilate any further that they’d have to do an emergency c-section, which HORRIFIED me. They reassured me that wouldn’t “likely” happen but respected my no answer. So we waited a couple of hours.

HOURS later, I was still at just that, 3 almost 4 cm. Talk about frustration! I, shortly after that, agreed to the breaking of my water. Then things really started progressing. Contractions were getting stronger and closer together so I hurried and requested an epidural. The anesthesiologist was busy with another patient so I waited a little over an hour maybe? When she got to me, let’s just say I was more than ready for the shot. Pain was so much more intense. I was totally ok, this time, with getting an epidural without a second thought of “maybe I’ll try without meds.” Though with all of my previous labors, I took the epidural, I tried not to for as long as I could. With my 4th baby, Madox, I went all the way to 9cm without any meds. But because I plateaued for HOURS at 9cm, I ended up taking it. With Madon, I quickly decided to get one. I figured I wouldn’t put myself through it for my last ride.

Things went even QUICKER after the shot. My mom and sister were both still not there. I normally ALWAYS have my mom with me from the very beginning of my labor throughout the entire process. This time around, I really needed her more with my other children than by my side. But though I had my husband, I found myself really wanting my mom when I was nearing the time to push. And to my absolute surprise, she and my sister BOTH literally walked in MINUTES before I started pushing. My other kids were with my grandparents in the waiting room. It worked out perfectly. They made it JUST in time. I was so immensely happy! My sister even came and took shots of the process without me even having to ask!

So it was time to push and there was one big problem…I was STARVING! Lol! I don’t know why, but I was too embarrassed to admit at the time that I was so hungry! I stated how tired and exhausted I was but I was also super weak from how hungry I was at that point. It’s definitely what made pushing tough for me this time around.

Baby started turning which started making things a bit tricky. I turned to my side and back to the front again and re-positioned and just found myself getting really exhausted. They gave me some time to rest and an oxygen mask between contractions.

About 30-45 minutes of pushing and baby’s head was finally out. I was ready to give one last push before being told not to. I was so confused but the doc kept saying “no no, wait, hold on.” I was like “I have to push, you don’t want me to push?” She says “no, dad, come, come here” It was then that my husband goes over to where she is, while we’re all still so confused and very quickly, she guides him to pulling baby out of me! Legit, MY HUSBAND PULLED OUR BABY OUT OF ME! It was absolutely amazing and SO quick, my sister yells…”ah I missed it!!” Super bummed about that but we were all just so not ready and it happened so fast! Definitely something we’ll never forget, regardless if we don’t have pics! So amazing!

Five times and all, I find myself still in absolute awe of child birth. It is incredible to be able to witness, to be able to experience and to be able to go through.

When Madon was born, the very moment, all of the questions and worries and wonders that I had prior disappeared. It’s like it instantly clicked and it all made sense. I thought he’d come sooner, thought my body was ready to have him about a week prior, I didn’t get why things didn’t go the way I thought they would and why I couldn’t have him when I wanted to. It was that moment he was placed on my chest that I KNEW the Lord was with me every single step of the way. He was meant to be born when he was and he was meant to be here when he came. No sooner, no later. Just right then and there. Another birth under my belt, another blessing to never forget!

Madon Chong born August 17, 2019

7 lbs 9oz

20 1/2in

Thanks for stopping by!

Til next time πŸ˜‰

Monica <3

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  1. Such a beautiful story Monica!! Pls tell me why I started tearing lol! So so awesome that Oni got to deliver baby that’s amazing! Another handsome boy under your belt for sure 😍

    1. Aw thank you for stopping by and reading! I thought that it was so cool and awesome too! Totally took us by surprise! πŸ™‚

  2. So Blessed to have made it for my 11th Grandbaby Madons Birth and to Be there for you my Baby Girl!!! And Yes,Yes Marky pulling Baby out was A shocker and I will never forget how exciting that was!! I Love You All My Chongys!!!πŸ˜‡πŸ€—πŸ’™πŸ˜š

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