Postpartum Must-haves

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Definitely for me, the toughest part of having a new baby is to have to also take care of healing you! Physically AND mentally! There’s this hopeless baby completely dependent on you and your body can barely keep up. I know this lead me to feel down, anxious and frustrated in the past. Luckily, as the more experience and children I’ve had, the more I channeled my energy into turning those negative thoughts into solutions. I did not want to feel those ways again.

I know that postpartum depression is a real thing. Like I said, I’ve gone through mild versions of it before. But prepping myself mentally early this time around has helped me a lot. A whole lot of intentional thought and prayer went into it. God is good. He has answered prayers and delivered me from my anxiety, my frustration and my feeling depressed after having this baby. ALL the glory to Him for that, my mental state is in a great place and I am forever grateful for that!

Also, there have been some amazing things that I’ve tried this time to help me during this healing process. These are products that I now swear by. These products have and still are getting me by day by day during my postpartum journey.

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  • My handy dandy postpartum wrap

I will have it linked below if you’d like to check it out yourself. But this wrap you guys!!!!!! It already has made my stomach area feel so secure and hugged and comforted these last days since birth. I am just shy of two weeks postpartum and I am loving this wrap. I do not make it tight where I can’t breathe or anything like that lol. It really is just to help get everything back into place comfortably! I’ll wear it all day then take it off before shower and bedtime. I. LOVE. IT!

  • Depends

YES!!!! Lol!! I personally never thought I’d wear these at this age lol, but I tried them out the day I gave birth instead of using the pads and net panties from the hospital that, I’m sorry, I never liked at all! I found myself upset that I haven’t used depends when my other kids were born. It took me five kids to try it and love it! I didn’t have that anxious “did I leak, is my pad full” feeling at all. It just makes you feel so secure and comfortable. One less thing you have to worry about during the recovery process! Though I am not still using them today, it was AMAZING the first few days after birth! 100% recommend. I used the ALWAYS discreet underwear brand. I used size large even though I think the medium would’ve been great too. I’ll link it below in case you’re like me and don’t want to buy this at the store. Even though I just ended up doing it that way, I probably should’ve ordered it online to save me feeling so old buying it LOL!

  • Spray bottle

I always make sure to take the one they provide at the hospital home with me. It is so nice to be able to clean using that. It is a must-have for my postpartum, it always has been with all of my kids.

  • Breast pads/regular pads

I always make sure to stock up as much as I can on these prior to giving birth. These of course are absolute necessities!

  • Flushable wipes

When I am not jumping in the shower, these are my go-to! Keeps me feeling fresh especially when I am crunched for time or don’t want to use toilet paper after giving birth, am I right??

  • Necessary medicines

Stool softeners from the hospital and ibuprofen/tylenol are great to have on hand. With my other children, I never had to come home and use my ibuprofen, but I did with this baby. My back was a hot mess the first few days after birth. It definitely relieved my pain and I don’t have to take them anymore. The stool softeners are great too! Ain’t no one trying to be constipated after having a baby!

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Other than resting, taking it easy, taking any help you can and the above listed things, I can’t think of anything else that is getting me through my postpartum journey. Grateful for family help and for all these things that make it a bit easier!

How about you? What are things you do or use for your postpartum process? Am I missing anything here?? Let me know via email or in the comments below!

Til next time 😉

Monica <3

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