What to pack in baby’s hospital bag

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The first thing in my mind with my last four babies while getting ready to pack up the diaper bag for the hospital, was always “pampers and wipes.” Funny how things can change, that was the last thing on my mind this 5th time around. I almost completely didn’t pack any at all this time. I always find that I don’t ever touch the wipes or pampers during my hospital stay. BUT I just felt to be safe than sorry. Added it as the very last thing to the bag.

I stayed up late, gushing over the tiny, baby smell filled laundry, organizing and folding. I even felt myself getting a little overwhelmed because there were so much cute pieces of clothes to choose from. I struggle with this one each time, what size to pack. So, like all the other times, I packed a couple of different sizes of clothes in case. Here’s what’s currently in my baby-ready packed, locked and loaded hospital bag.

  • Preemie clothes (one pair) with matching beanie

I used preemie for my first born, my son, and my second born, my daughter. They were both not born preemie but the preemie clothes just fit them so much better than the newborn at the time. With my last two babies being over 8lbs each, I didn’t use the preemies, but I did still pack it for this baby JUST in case.

  • 3 pairs of socks and mittens

The last few times in the hospital, I had to stay an extra night than expected due to my breastfeeding. It has never gone smoothly, so they’d always recommend me staying one more night. So I figure pack for three nights. I remember not having a different, clean pair of socks for each day because I always just packed two, the last times. Three, this time in case.

  • Two sleepers/pajamas

I don’t think I’ve ever packed this one ever before. But it does tend to get really cold in the hospital so I figured why not.

  • A few pampers/pack of wipes

Like I mentioned, in the past, I’ve never had to use these but I am still bringing them for piece of mind. My hospital is really good at providing this during baby’s stay.

  • A burp rag/cloth

This one is simply because it is a SUPER cute one LOL and it matches a set of mittens I am bringing along. I normally don’t bring burp rags either, also because the hospital provides those during our stay as well.

  • 3 receiving blankets

I would like to use only my receiving blankets this time. I realized how with my other kids, I brought my own, but barely used them. This time, I would like to not have to use the provided blankets and use my own instead.

  • 2 swaddlers

All of my babies loved to be swaddled as newborns so of COURSE I need to bring some swaddlers!

  • 4 onesies (one long sleeve) 2 NB size and 2 0-3 mo size

You never know if baby will be smaller or bigger than you are expecting so I like to bring a couple of different sizes.

  • 2 NB size pants

I know from my last children that I hardly had bottoms on them while in the hospital. Normally, they were in a simple short sleeve onesie and swaddled. So really, these pants are just for taking pictures LOL and the day we leave to go home with baby.

  • My breastfeeding cover

The boobs are free and normally constantly out during the hospital stay for me LOL! But this is great to have in case I want some privacy when someone is coming in. I normally don’t run into any problems while I am feeding, I normally have whoever wait outside until baby is done anyway, but still, good to have on hand!

  • Extra beanies

Sometimes the hospital one is good, sometimes not. I like to bring my own and bring a couple that’s a little bigger, a little smaller and different colors, too, just in case.

Okay so a recap of the things;

  • Breastfeeding cover
  • 2 NB size pants
  • 4 onesies (2 different sizes 2 NB and 2 0-3mos)
  • 2 swaddlers
  • 3 receiving blankets
  • burp rag/cloth
  • a few pampers/pack wipes
  • 2 sleepers/pajamas
  • 3 pairs of socks and mittens
  • preemie clothes (one pair) with matching beanie
  • extra beanies

Seems like a lot but boy, do I have so much room still in my baby bag. Trying not to give into temptation and pack more cute outfits just for no reason LOL! But these are all that’s in my baby’s bag right now. I hope this was helpful.

The muslin swaddlers have to be my absolute favorite swaddlers. I love how light and thin they are. It makes for great sleep while still keeping baby cool, especially in this Hawaii heat, perfect for just that! I will link them below!


Am I missing anything? Please let me know if there’s something I should definitely be bringing along with me. What do YOU pack in your baby’s hospital bag? I’d love to hear in the comments below or via email!

Til next time 😉

Monica <3

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